Katie Sievert


Early childhood education is an adventure! I love being able to foster the curiosity of 3, 4, and 5 year olds through active learning and play! 

After graduating from Martin Luther College with a degree in Elementary/Early Childhood Education, I was able to spend two years as a preschool teacher/director before getting married and starting a family. I spent 12 years at home with our four boys, and I am excited to be back in the classroom again here at Crown of Life. We have been church members here for several years and it is a blessing and privilege to be part of the wonderful staff.
My husband is a high school pastor/religion teacher and basketball coach, and our boys are becoming ever more involved in sports, music, and other activities. As a family, we enjoy spending time outside, attending the boys’ various activities, and traveling to visit family and friends.

supporting a play-based education