We support a play based approach to learning and teach students to think creatively so they may succeed in a complex and ever changing world. Crown of Life Preschool fosters an environment where children are active learners and play is meaningful, purposeful and age appropriate. Our focus is structured to a Kindergarten Readiness Program.



Centers focus on a variety of activities designed to build on academic, physical and social emotional skills.

Social Emotional

Construction Center
Around the World Center
Dramatic Play Center
Music Center


Math Center
Literacy Center
Science and Engineering Center
Technology Center
Creative Arts Center


Fine Motor Center
Large Muscle Center
Sensory Center
Quiet Center

Biblical truth is the foundation of our Preschool.  Every day students are taught basic bible history and simple lessons about God’s grace and promises through picture lessons, a curriculum called Christ Light.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) encourages and teaches children how to discover and wonder about everything in the world around them. Throughout our day teachers lead STEM lessons and students have opportunities to choose a variety of STEM activities during their “Plan, Play, Review” time.

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